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Database Driven Websites

Databases have increasingly been used any website on the Internet that intends to provide:

Dynamically generated content

Ability to edit, delete or add content easily.

Complete control on the website content through the use of a control panel

Consistent user experience

Interactive with the website visitors

Can provide a customized response to each visitor based on log-in information.

Databases are so powerful and so useful, almost every popular site you visit on the Internet is sure to be using one in some way.

What is a database?

A database is an ordered information store. The information is stored in the form of tables, and the tables are accessed by using database information access commands. Some common database systems are PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle and MS-Access.

What is a database driven website?

A database driven website is a website that uses a database backend to gather, display, or manipulate information. A database driven website can be a simple website with a few pages, or a complex online product store with thousands of products.

Will it be expensive to design a database driven website?

No. It is recommended to go for a database driven website even for small websites with static content. A database driven website allows you to upgrade the content according to your requirements dynamically. Also, databases like MySQL are available free of cost.